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Not sure how to relate.  Not sure what happened to your precious little one.

Feeling like the enemy.  Can't continue with the way things are.

They don't want help.  Keep saying, "They're not crazy and don't need to see a therapist!"

Desire peace - just not sure how to get it!

You guys are not alone.  This particular stage of life can trigger many emotions and feelings in both teens and parents.   Often times, this results in power struggles and conflicts that feel like all out wars. Teens tend to view their bedroom as their refuge guarded by emotional grenades that can be unsettling or alarming for parents. 

Knowing if your teen would benefit from counseling or noticing that they may be desiring help can be a challenge to navigate.  In some cases, your teenager may want to talk to someone who is not their parent.  Even thought they don’t always want to admit it or ask for it, counseling could provide the outlet they are searching for or need.  It is important to keep in mind that no one responds well to therapy if they feel they are being forced or punished so have the conversation with your teen in a positive context so they know you are just desiring to help and gain better understanding in how to partner with them during this stage of life.

After being in education for almost two decades, my heart and passion is to help kiddos, teens, and parents bridge the gap that can happen before anyone even notices.  

Let's work together to find a way to communicate with one another.

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