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Feeling stuck.

Unsure what the next steps should be.

Battling with negative beliefs and self-doubt.

Want to talk to someone that is neutral and remove from the situation to process with in order to gain insight and find freedom.

My clients are constantly saying "I'm not crazy. I just ..." They are right!  They are not "crazy!"  Counseling provides normal, every day people that are functioning and surviving through life a chance to work through some things and process whatever is holding them back.  It's a way to learn to thrive instead of just survive.  

After coming, they begin to say, "It's so nice to have somebody whose not involved to process with.  If I had known it would be like this, I would have done this sooner."  Counseling is ultimately a place where you can feel safe to be yourself and discover freedom from your negative beliefs.  With support and healing, you can find your voice.

Individual counseling can provide healing for professionals, young adults, mature adults, teens, and/or parents facing an array of struggles.

Image by christopher lemercier
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