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First hand, I know the power that negative beliefs can have on one's life.  I also know what freedom and healing from those beliefs feels like.  Wow, it's amazing!


I am weak.  I am not enough.  I am invisible.


Have you had similar thoughts to these or know that somewhere in yourself you do not fully love and accept yourself?


Together, we can identify those beliefs and work toward healing and freedom.  You do not have to be in-chained to those beliefs and doubt forever.   

Throughout my journey, I have spent time stateside and abroad, which gave me an even greater passion for people and helping people understand themselves more and truly find their voice.  During my career in education, I became equipped in understanding young people and how to assist them in navigating life along with their parents.  In addition, this lead to me specializing in trauma, the use of EMDR, and mindfulness methods as a source of healing.  I enjoy working with individuals from young adolescents to mature adults, couples and families including blended families. 

With support and healing, you will find your VOICE again.

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