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Feel like a ticking time bomb! 

Notice that even the small things feel big.

Pretty sure that the world is out to get you.

No one understands or cares.

You are not alone!

Are you a professional that finds yourself easily triggered or

struggle to maintain composure during stressful times at work or home.

As a parent do you find yourself losing your cool more than you would like?

Life is not easy; therefore, sometimes we respond in less than positive ways. 


Anger is a natural emotion and healthy for our brain and bodies to communicate that a boundary has been crossed or a need is not being met. Our response to anger on the other hand is what we need to learn to navigate more effectively, which is what therapy can provide. By identifying triggers or stressors, we can work together to process underlying beliefs as well as providing resources to maintain control of your emotional responses in order to effectively manage the situation.


Together, we can work toward developing healthy ways to express anger or frustration as life is full of triggers and stressors.  

Anger management counseling for professionals, teens, parents, or those recovering from trauma.

Image by Taylor Young
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